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Why I Invented the Club and What It Provides for You:

I remember when I was a boy of 6 (33 years ago) and asked my mother for a special bicycle. My Mother was very frugal and stuck to her budget (and my bicycle was not on the budget). So, she put it on lay-a-way at Sears & Roebuck.

The store kept my new bicycle on hold. My Mother simply paid a little each month. She stayed on her budget and when she had paid the full price, I hit the streets of Birmingham on my new bike.

Seemed like a good idea then, so people could stay on budget and still afford what they wanted. Well, I decided to do the same thing with Botox.

Since Botox is the number one cosemetic procedure in America, many agree that it does wonderful things when used properly by a physician who is expert in the art of the injection. The problem is simply this: The cost can be a nusance.

Of course, Botox helps keep people looking younger, has been shown to help with depression, and helps boost income in those involved with sales (not to mention just better relations when people in your family don't see your frown so much)...but still..the cost can be a nusance.

So here's my solution:

I set up a club, call it the Botox Club. You sign up and then you get to spread the payment out over time, and you get a healthy discount.

Already, if you're my patient, then you know that you're getting good Botox and at a great price. But, this way, the cost is even more palatable.

Here's the Deal

You pay $25 per month (billed to your credit card). Then when you get your Botox on the third month, you've paid $75 but I give you $100 off the cost of your Botox--you save $25).

For example. June gets $210 worth of Botox every 3 months. If she joins the club, then after three months, she's paid $75 into the Club. But, I give her $100 off, so she gets $210 worth of Botox for $110 on the day of treatment.

So this is how you put your Botox on lay-a-way.

If you get your Botox after 4 months, then you've paid $100, but I give you $130 off (save $35). So, if June got her $210 worth of Botox after 4 months, then her cost on the day of treatment would be only $80!

What do you think?!

P.S. Yes! You can still cash in your club discount if you get your BOTOX done at one of my Botox Pary Places.

So Hope You Join the Club!

I'll also be sending email every month to people in the club to offer them special prices on select cosmetic products.

So, Here's the first deal you get if you join the club--the first 100 people to join get a free jar of Blessed Age Defying Skin Cream sent immediately just for joining (a $72 value).

You can join the Botox Club now by clicking here:

To check out and view cart, click here.

P.S. You will also receive email reminder every 3 months to remind you that it's time to cash in on your Botox. This provides you a hidden savings: by keeping your Botox current, you wind up not needing as much when you do come to see me.


Peace & Health,

Charles Runels, MD

(The Temple Repairman)

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